Smart Systems Integration 2017

Startdatum: 08.03.2017
Enddatum:  - 09.03.2017
Ort: Cork, Ireland

The Smart Systems Integration 2017 is the International Conference and Exhibition on the integration of materials, devices and systems. It started 2007 as an European conference and exhibition and has now become a leading event on an international level. It serves as a communication platform for academia, research and industry and enables the exchange of know-how in the field of smart systems integration. microTEC Südwest will be present with the project inSSIght.

Smart systems are the hardware basis for the internet of things (IoT). Equipped with the ability to mutually address, identify and work in networks, they enter more and more into diverse innovative products and applications. The application areas include not only smartphones with their advanced functionality, but also monitoring systems for sustainable production, smart grid, smart home as well as support systems for senior citizens to guarantee them a more independent lifestyle.
Smart systems are developed by using key enabling technologies and by integrating the knowledge from a variety of disciplines. They benefit from the progress in nanoelectronics and nanotechnologies, but also from design methods and tool development.

The conference addresses the smart systems themselves starting from the design via new building blocks for sensing, data processing, actuating, networking, and smart powering up to heterogeneous integration of the different building blocks and manufacturing of the systems. They can be built out of a diversity of materials to assure the highest performance, reliability, functional safety and security as required for operations under complex and harsh conditions with multiple loads of critical magnitude acting simultaneously.

The topic internet of things is addressed in both keynote sessions. On the second day of the conference the keynote session will have a new format. After the keynote presentation, invited keynote speakers and high level attendees discuss emerging technologies for the IoT in a panel discussion.

As in previous years, EPoSS - the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration - is organizing two special sessions on the first conference day. Participation in these meetings is open to all interested delegates. After the EPoSS sessions, a special session will be held, which addresses perspectives of smart systems.

The Pre-conference field trip to the Tyndall National Institute in Cork on Tuesday, March 7th 2017 completes the program. Directly after this prefield Pre-conference field trip, all delegates are invited to attend the workshop of Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative. In addition, meetings of the EPoSS working groups will take place on March 7th, the day before the conference.

The 11th Smart Systems Integration Conference 2017 will show a snapshot of the international work in the field of smart systems integration on application and basic research level as well. I’m looking forward to meet you in Cork.

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