Cluster management

The professional association microTEC Südwest e.V. is commissioned by the state of Baden- Württemberg to act as the central contact party for microsystems engineering and as coordinator of the Spitzencluster (leading edge cluster) microTEC Südwest. In the field of microsystem technology, microTEc Südwest e.V. represents the interests of industry, research facilities, and universities in Baden- Württemberg.

The association therefore represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis politics and institutions. It serves as a connective link between research and the economy to sustainably promote and secure knowledge and technology transfer in the region as well as collaboration on an international level.

Together with competent partners, it furthermore presents the cluster's performance capability in the field of microsystems engineering nationally and internationally. microTEc Südwest e.V. additionally accompanies the strategy process of the Spitzencluster and coordinates all activities within the scope of microTEC Südwest.

In addition, there are three important management boards supporting the cluster management:


The cluster board takes the role of the decision-maker for cluster issues of paramount importance and therefore is an essential element of the overall cluster organization.

This is where decision-makers in the field of science, economy and policy/institutions come together. The cluster board meets three to four times a year.

The disseminator-platform is formed by

  • persons with a clear reference towards the strategic key topics
  • other experts which assist if necessary

Strategy Panelmoreclose

The strategy panel is formed by a group of knowledge carriers that mainly comes from the cluster region. As representatives of science, industry and institutions the members of the panel drive the further development of the cluster's strategy.

The active cooperation of the partners regarding strategy development and strategy adaption as well as it's implementation in prioritized future markets is mandatory.

The strategy panel consists of the following partners:

  • Key topic coordinators
  • Experts in the field of science, economy, politics.
  • Persons with a clear reference towards the beacons healthcare and mobility, and the key topics production technologies and integration technologies
  • Project partners and contractors of the STRATCLU project


Dr. Christine Neuy
Managing Director

Fon: + 49 761 386909-12