Beacon robust and efficient sensor systems

Mobility of the future – lower environmental pollution and higher traffic safety. The beacon mobility and its two projects aim for sustainable mobility with preferably low environmental pollution paired with significantly higher traffic safety.

RTFIR 06/10-05/13

RTFIR- Thin un-cooled (RT) FIR sensor arrays with nanocrystalline absorption layers. New low-cost image sensor technologies for thermography applications ranging from automotive night-vision over building inspection and industrial process-control to the area of ambient assisted living i.e. the help of elderly people and patients. more

Sic-Tech 04/10-03/14

The project SiC-Tech focusses on the development of robust microsensors for deployment within the exhaust line of combustion engines providing higher ressource efficiency and lower emissions. more

Project Coordinator

Dr. Roland Müller-Fiedler
Robert Bosch GmbH

Fon: + 49 711 811-6905

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