Beacon In-vitro Diagnostik (IVD)

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) progressively gains importance in our society cause it improves the quality of living and the quality of medication for patients and also strengthens the economic efficiency of treatments. It is expected that expenses for IVD in the amount of 1 % may lead to savings of 5 % in the overall health system.

„Intelligent“ reagent cartridge

The beacon stands for the development of a long term and multidiscipline cluster competence in the field of IVD, including academic and competent industrial partners. MicroTEC Südwest leading edge cluster projects within the beacon are very widespread. Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Mannheim is the leading company within the beacon Health in vitro diagnostic. Derived knowledge form the beacon will diffuse into other applications and industries.

CTC-Detect 06/10-05/13

Diagnosis of tumor metastasis based on circulating tumor cells in blood more

Smart Reagent Dosing 06/10-12/13

"Intelligent" reagent cartridge for cost optimzing and miniaturisation of complex IVD systems more

Project Coordinator

Dr. Norbert Oranth
Roche Diagonostics GmbH

Fon: + 49 621 759-6008

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