MicroTEC-Worldwide (MWW)

Internationalization and international cluster marketing.

MicroTEC Worldwide

  • is positioning MicroTEC Südwest as a significant driving force for intelligent microsystems solutions in international networks to effect the development of additional resources and potential for innovation. 
  • is raising global awareness of the cluster, its institutional members, and its innovative potential.
  • is developing innovative tools for cluster marketing and creating a comprehensive network of subsidiaries beyond Germany’s borders with the help of its institutional members.
  • is helping to position innovative microsystems technologies developed in the German Southwest on the international market.

MicroTec Südwest is going global

Since the 1980s, due to increasing market globalization, companies have needed to act internationally. However, the primary export strategy employed in the past by many internationally active companies and institutions will no longer suffice today, nor in the future, to allow them to react effectively to changing circumstances. International collaboration in research and development, high international visibility, and the monitoring of relevant markets are important aspects of the active internationalization of companies.

Experience has shown that international collaboration between companies is significantly less complicated if they are members of a cluster, with the cluster management able to actively support the internationalization of the companies. Microsystems technology in particular is characterized by a high degree of segmentation within international target markets and a high level of pressure to innovate. In this context, an understanding of international trends as well as a greater international awareness of the Leading-Edge Cluster are key to establishing a successful position in the global playing field.

This is the exact basis for projects conducted under the MicroTEC Worldwide umbrella. The aim is to establish the Leading-Edge Cluster MicroTEC Südwest as a renowned and attractive hub within the global network of microsystems knowledge, especially with regard to future international markets.

This includes internationally positioning the brand “MicroTEC Südwest – The Cluster of Innovations” through targeted marketing activities, expanding business volume by tapping international markets, as well as becoming an important driving force (“thought leadership”) within international research, industry, and policy clusters, in order to successfully implement new strategic collaborations with leading global partners.

Project Coordinator

Ulrich Mack
Baden-Württemberg International

Fon: + 49 711 22787-23