The EU Knights project aims to enable strategic integration of Key Enabling Technologies, by promoting best practices, highlighting barriers and identifying appropriate business models/strategies to stimulate innovation with the goal of maintaining a globally competitive and sustainable European manufacturing industry.

EU-Knights adaptive Model for KETs integration in European Industry


The EU Knights vision will be supported by the following project objectives:

  • To identify and analyse the existing best, recommendable practices and the main barriers to KETs integration
  • To map from a manufacturing sector point of view the success and failure factors for KETs integration related to different business and innovation strategies
  • To understand how the current KETs are integrated and adopted by the European industry and society
  • To elaborate a new model based on developed EU KNIGHTS’ knowledge and tools for European industrial production, based on more sustainable production and consumption patterns that will be validated and refined on a few selected industrial case studies
  • To produce orientations and key recommendations for an effective, sustainable and competitive KETs integration scheme fostering the EU manufacturing industry while answering to societal goals

EU KNIGHTS strategy is fully in line with the "EU 2020 Strategy" aiming to maintain strong and competitive European Union delivering high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion which are negatively impacted by the current economic crisis. This is illustrated by the project’s goal to:

  • Respond to societal Grand Challenges – seen as new High Adding Value innovative markets, covering from economy to society and environment – through, innovative products, processes and business models, supported by KETs and related Industrial technologies.
  • Promote a constant innovation in the EU manufacturing sector to keep a pace ahead of industrially aggressive emerging countries while maintaining high incentives and sustainability for EU companies to develop and create wealth and jobs localized in Europe.

MST BW is an associated partner in this project.