Experience the Future of Neurotechnology

CorTec stands for cutting-edge technology provided for the next generation of active implants. The young medical engineering company located in Freiburg, Germany, is developing and manufacturing implantable electrodes for recording and stimulation in the central as in the peripheral nervous system. CorTec also provides a hermetic encapsulation that enables high-channel applications.

CorTec is following the vision to take implantable technologies to the next level that enables highly efficient and personalized therapies by providing innovative technological solutions. The flexibility of the CorTec technology is an essential part of the big picture.

With the proprietary AirRay® electrode technology CorTec has overcome the current limitations for neural electrodes through innovative and highly precise manufacturing. This also allows very small feature sizes of contact diameters of down to 25 ?m and high integration densities of electrical contacts which leads to improved data acquisition .

The electrode can be modified for example to build three-dimensional assemblies as well as nerve cuff electrodes that wrap around peripheral nerves. The electrodes provide excellent electrochemical properties. Platinum-Iridium or MP35N are used as electrode materials, optionally with high performance coatings for enhanced charge transfer to biological tissue. Also the mechanical properties can be adjusted to individual requirements.

Besides the AirRay® electrode technology, CorTec provides further products which complete the portfolio to build active implants, for example, a hermetic ceramic encapsulation technology. Unlike conventional packages CorTec’s thick film technology enables hundreds of these electrical feedthroughs. This facilitates communication via radio frequency or infrared as well as wireless powering.

Aware the fact, that ceramics are inherently brittle, CorTec has insured a high mechanical robustness by implementing specific design measures. The ceramic packages can be designed to survive mechanical impact as, for example, required for cochlear implants.

CorTec is developing and manufacturing under a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485.


Carolina Remke
Marketing Assistant

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